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1 on 1 in person or online

  • Rhythm & Lead Guitar

  • Chords and Scales

  • CAGED System

  • Singing and Playing

  • Preparing for live performances



The Zuwalla Philosophy

More Than Music Lessons,
We're a Community

  • Learn with your peers

  • Jam Your Favorite Songs

  • Compose Original Music

  • Record in Our Studio

  • Make Music Theory Simple

  • Perform at Student Open Mic


Perform Live at
Student Open Mic

You've put in the work,
Now It's Showtime!!!

At Zuwalla we want our students to be a part of an artistic community for all ages and experience levels. Our Student Open Mic at Local Color Studio is your opportunity to meet and perform with other students, teachers, and local musicians in a fun and judgement-free environment. Let's Go!

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Zuwalla Book of Music

make learning simple and fun 



"Encouraging and fun teaching style, my child actually looks forward to his weekly music lessons. Very reliable customer service is impeccable. My family really appreciates him."


"Great teacher who keeps music interesting and let's the progress of his students grow exponentially over time."


"Made sure to accommodate my learning style with every lesson. I recommend to anyone looking to expand their musical ability. The most helpful and proficient teacher I have ever encountered."


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What We Offer


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Recording Studio

koala playing a ukulele no background_ed

Ukulele Lessons


General Music Theory 

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Our Location

we are located inside the
Local Color Art Studio on the historic downtown Canton square

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85 North Street, Canton GA


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